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Camping at Paw Paw
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I had a question about camping at The Woodshed/Whipping Post courses.  on DG Course Review it says there is camping nearby.  Is it ok to camp at the courses themselves?  Or is there a campground near there? 

Also what is the camping situation near the Fairmont courses? 

I'll be going to Bowling Green in April and am hoping to break up the trip by camping at one of these locations for a night.  Any info would be appreciated, thanks!


Posted: March-08-2010 10:58 pm
Re:Camping at Paw Paw
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Hey Will,

    There is no camping at Fairmont, only the nearby (less than 1 mile) Super 8. As for Paw Paw, I know if you give the Thurmans (who own the land and courses) $50 you can become a club member and have 1 year camping. At least that is how it used to be. Since it is a private "pay to play" ($5) course you might get lucky and camp for an extra $5. Just speak with Gabby or Spencer when you get there to see if it is cool to camp. I would first contact either Tony Ellis since he is the listed contact for their course - (703) 863-7243 or Spencer's home at Home: (304) 947-5638

Good luck and have fun at the BG Am Championships!


Posted: March-10-2010 10:23 pm
Re:Camping at Paw Paw
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Thanks Spreadicus!!

May the disc gods smile upon you and may all your shots end with the Ching!!

Posted: March-30-2010 5:59 pm