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The Timberdoodle Thicket
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New course I was just alerted to opening July 10, between New Martinsville, WV and Middlebourne, WV. Here is the text. FYI this is only 1 hour 20 mins from Fairmont. "On July 10 we will be opening a new disc golf course with camping on Elk Fork Road off of RT 180 between New Martinsville and Middlebourne. Its an 18 hole course with crushed stone tees and DB-5 baskets. The name of the course is THE TIMBERDOODLE THICKET. I listed it on the PDGA website course directory this morning. I would like to add it to your directory list. Thank you. Tom"

Clang. Crap.

Posted: May-12-2010 10:41 pm
Re:The Timberdoodle Thicket
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Just played 2 rounds at this course today with my father & the creator of the course (Thomas Ash) It's a sweet course that starts and plays around the mountaintop in Middlebourne, WV!  A bunch of players from the Parkersburg WV area had already played at least a round up there.

Elevation's involved on just about every basket.  Not exactly wide-open, except maybe #2, but you'd still have to deal with some mature trees on either side.  There's several mandos as well, including the one with a double mando.  The double mando's a short one (165ft) I think, but you'll have to hit the double mando in between these two trees about 10-12ft apart & they're about 30-40ft in front of the basket.  Miss both of these mandos, then you'll have to go to the drop-zone about 40ft from the basket.  3 holes are 400ft plus.  On several baskets, if you happen to overthrow the basket....there's a good chance that your disc may have kept on going further downhill.  It'll easily turn a sure birdie or a par at least into a bogey or worse depending on your lie when that happens. 

A lot of work has been put into this course and it consists of benches made out of tree stumps, stepping stones & railings made out of long & curved limbs.  If anyone's free to play up there on July the 10th for their Grand Opening, then they should make the trip.  Also there's a nice view from the mountain top. 

Posted: June-26-2010 5:35 am