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Another course in Hico
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Carrie and I played the Songer Whitewater course with her parents this weekend.  Two birdies for me :)  Then we went to lunch at the Class IV river place close by for lunch.  We walked to the zipline section and behold a nine hole course in the woods.

I didn't play it, there were no course maps inside.  It looks new.  They also have a ton of discs in the shop there.
Link to their page:

Thought I would pass the info along to all. Have a great day!

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Posted: May-18-2010 12:50 am
Re:Another course in Hico
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My buddy Skippy told me about this.  Mentioned that they're installing 9 baskets at Class IV & looks like it's all installed & ready to play now!  Gotta make the trip down there as soon as the Buck family gets the chance.  Just found their Facebook group page & there's several pictures of that Flying Squirrel course.

If we're going to make the trip down there, it'd have to be the Greenbrier State Forest's course first, then head over to Hico to play both Songer Whitewater & Class IV's courses.

Posted: May-18-2010 6:53 pm