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New Course at Flat Top, WV?
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What do you know?  Just when I was googling "WV Disc Golf" and I've accidentally discovered a new course.  It's located at Flat Top, WV at the Mavis Manor.  It's a Bed & Breakfast between Bluefield & Beckley.  The only problem would be that it's a private course & if one wants to play there, they may have to be spending the weekend at the manor.

I would suggest contacting the owners of this place first before venturing out.  Who knows, they may be more than happy to let one of us play for a price.

Posted: May-18-2010 7:03 pm
Re:New Course at Flat Top, WV?
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I checked on the place and it's cool. I informed my friends about the place and now we are discussing on the month that we will go there and play.

Posted: January-28-2016 3:00 pm
Re:New Course at Flat Top, WV?
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Im in princeton and have stopped by to check out the property.  You do not have to stay at the manor to play.  But it is just a thrown together 9 holes.  I spoke with the property owner and he wants to make it an 18 and I offered to help design it, so that may happen this spring.  If you and your friends are coming south come on to Princeton where another course I designed is called Glenwood Park.  

Posted: February-09-2016 3:09 am