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New Disc Golf course at Coal Country!!??
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How come nobody posted about this or knew about this?  Once again I found myself stumbling upon yet another new course & it's in Fairmont.  I've always noticed that huge coal miner state from I-79.   Apparently they now have a 9 basket disc golf course & anyone can play it for just $2 per person.

Found out about this on Facebook.  Coal Country Miniature Golf has its own Group page.  They've just posted this on their wall today:

"Disc Golf, Frisbee Golf, Hippy Golf: whatever you want to call it, Coal Country now has it! Only $2/person for 9 holes (plus $2.50 returnable deposit if you want to use our frisbee). Another way to enjoy the outdoors and have some fun."

Link to their page on FB:!/pages/Fairmont-WV/Coal-Country-Miniature-Golf/188836247105?ajaxpipe=1&__a=7

Posted: May-26-2010 7:19 am
Re:New Disc Golf course at Coal Country!!??
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I had no idea they went through with it. We spoke w/ Coal Country last year and mentioned putting practice baskets on their existing "Par 3 pitch and putt" course. They must have followed through with the idea. How is the course?

Update: I would not call it a course - more of a pitch n' putt practice - will not be listed on PDGA.

Update 2: Friend just called from there and they don't even have baskets - just sticks w/ hoops. Can't trust everything you read on the internet :-0


Posted: May-26-2010 5:32 pm
Re:New Disc Golf course at Coal Country!!??
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Eh...Sticks with hoops?  Forget that I even bothered posting about it.  lol   They were probably too cheap to purchase real baskets.

Posted: May-26-2010 9:20 pm