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Pre-Tourney Work Day this Saturday
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We will be hosting a work day at Morris Park this Saturday @ 9 AM to
*prepare for the June 12th tourney.

*Mowing of Orange Crush. This is vital so bring your weed eater if you
have one on Saturday. OC #13/14 fairways especially need trimming
along with any overgrown tee pad or basket area.

*Clearing of Tee Pads on Yellow. Shelby may be able to bring his leaf
blower to clear the pads. If someone could follow him around with a
shovel then we could ditch the drainage areas on the tee pads that
need it.

*Moving all baskets on Yellow/Orange to the longer, "B" placement.

*Orange Crush # 13 needs some "B" pin work by using concrete (or
epoxy?) to secure the chain to the existing sleeve.

*Orange Crush #1 "B" pin needs a lock, not sure if there are other
issues that may impede installing this basket.

I know this is a lot of work but, with proper planning we can be
prepared for these tasks and complete them before the tourney. Some
evening work may be required.

Phil - we need at least 2 extra locks for #15 Yellow and Orange #1, 2 chains and a bag of
concrete for #13 Orange.

Adam - can you bring the Club weed eater or give it to someone who
will make the work day?


Posted: June-03-2010 5:43 pm