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Seth's course/Orange Crush tee pads
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Just wanted to get some info. out there about the tee pad configuration each division will be playing on each course this weekend.

Seth Burton Memorial Disc Golf Course:

Has 18 short tee pads (concrete) and 16 Long tee pads (14 concrete, 2 gravel)

Open player's only will be playing the *Long Tee pads on Seth's course for the first round this Saturday.

*#5 and #12 are the only 2 holes that do not have long tee's and therefore the Pro's will be playing the shorts on these holes. #3 and #14 each have a newly constructed Long gravel tee pad which will be played by the Open players only. These holes don't have a tee sign yet so, flags will be used to show Open players to these tee areas.

Orange Crush:

This one is pretty straight forward- OC has 18 short tee pads and 18 long tee pads with signs. Advanced and Open will be playing the long tee's, Intermediate and Rec. will be throwing from the short tee pads and Juniors will be throwing from flags marking the Jr. tee's. Long and Short tee pads have marked signs, Jr. tee's will be shorter and marked by flags in the fairway, no signs for Jr. tee's.



Posted: June-10-2010 10:28 pm