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Dorsey's Knob MIAs
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Ok people. Seriously???!!.. The rough is ROUGH here!!!.. Even top rated players are missing discs at Dorsey's!.. Please please please put your name and contact info (email, cell phone, what have you) in your discs. It's the only chance you have of getting your lost discs back.. And when finding a disc with a name and number in it- do the right thing and make the call. Don't just bag the disc. You would want someone to call you!! Now with that being said- POST YOUR LOST DISCS HERE:

HEY! Talkie playie rule!!!...

Posted: September-21-2010 4:55 pm
Re:Dorsey's Knob MIAs
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Lost two in the past few weeks - white DX shark, green (yes, I know...) DX leopard

Name and info are on 'em.  Thanks!

Posted: August-11-2011 11:25 pm
Re:Dorsey's Knob MIAs
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Lost a yellow Innova  Star Archon on hole 7 to the right of the tree past the basket. My email is on it if you find it.

get it before the mower does!

Posted: August-15-2011 12:05 am