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Sky Rock Doubles 2011
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The opening night of Sky Rock doubles was held on Tuesday 3/29/11.

We had a decent turnout with 7 players.

There was some hot, early season action. As we had a tie for 1st place at 11 under between Shelby D with Jason L, and Drew K with Shane L. Shelby/Jason got the win on an improvised CTP throwoff with Jason providing the winning toss @ 10ft out, beating out Drew's 15 footer...

2nd place went to Josh S with Mike W at 9 under. And 3rd was Jeremy playing as 'B' Skitzo at a hard fought 1 under.

We also had a glow Innova Eagle for $1 CTP on #11. That was won by Shane at a distance of about 5ft!!..

There is now $6 in the ace pool.

Show up around 5:00pm at Morris park for Thursday night doubles! And next Tuesday back at Sky Rock.. And every Tuesday and Thursday thoughout the season!!!

-Check the site for last minute info, but generally league doubles will be played rain or shine!


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Posted: March-30-2011 4:34 pm
Re:Sky Rock Doubles 2011
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Sky Rock Tuesday Night League Play   4/5/11

April showers caused us to play a bag tag singles round when only the hard 'CORE' showed up..

Shelby D- #4, Shane L- #5, Drew K- #17, Jason L- #38.

Shelby D and Drew K tied at -5. Shelby won in a playoff on hole #2. Making a birdie after Drew chained out.

Shane L and Jason L also were tied at +2. So Shane and Drew traded tags.

$4 was added o the ace pool, which is up to $10 total.

And WVDGA donated a Innova Star Sidewinder for CTP which was won on hole #13 by Jason L.

Thanks for coming out! And be sure to show up every Tuesday @5:30 for your chance at a cash doubles win, ace pot and CTP!!!!!.... 

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Posted: April-06-2011 4:30 pm
Re:Sky Rock Doubles 2011
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Sky Rock WVDGA League Doubles   Tuesday 4/19/11 

1st- with a 43, Shelby D and Mike W

2nd- with a 47, Drew K and Shane L

3rd- with a 53, Larry Z (skitzo)

$5 added to the Ace Pot which brings the total to $15. There have been a lot of close calls, but nobody has made one yet this year...

And since we only had 5 guys, we played for a cash CTP won by Mike W on hole #11 with a mid range backhand touch shot.

See us out every Tuesday @5ish..!

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Posted: April-22-2011 4:51 pm
Re:Sky Rock Doubles 2011
discus stu
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Next Tuesday will be a good warmup for the Ascension! Better bring your Revive ;-)

Discus Stu has Ouzo for Twouzo!!

Posted: April-23-2011 10:57 pm
Re:Sky Rock Doubles 2011
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12?? Really????!!! A 66% success rate!! Birdies on 12 out of 18 holes!!! Awesome shooting guyz! I hear that is also the unofficial singles record too...

Posted: March-25-2020 5:16 pm