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WV State Championship PDGA Point Series
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*Comprised of all PDGA Events held in WV

 - includes PDGA Tournaments (X, C, B and A)

*Available to all currently registered PDGA members in WV.

 - if you are not a current PDGA member at the time of competing in a tournament you earn 0 points, no retroactive awarding of points

*PDGA Points earned will be tallied by the State Coordinator and routinely posted online

*Final tourney in this Championship Series will be the Van Man Open III on October 1st in Huntington

 *Points series doesn't include PDGA points earned in Match Play, Doubles events


*PDGA points factors by Division:

Open/Advanced - PDGA  C-Tiers factor of 5, B-Tiers factor of 7.5, A-Tiers factor of 10

Intermediate - PDGA C-Tiers factor of 4, B-Tiers factor of 6, A-Tiers factor of 8

Recreational - PDGA C-Tiers factor of 3, B-Tiers factor of 4.5, A-Tiers factor of 6

Novice - PDGA C-Tiers factor of 2, B-Tiers factor of 3, A-Tiers factor of 4



- you play Open or Advanced in a B-Tier and beat 6 people (includes self) then you earn 7.5 * 6 = 45 points


  • Payouts for top 3 finishers in both Pro and Amateur divisions
  • 75% of WVDGA Fee's collected will be paid out to these 6 players
  • Pro's will receive cash and Amateurs will receive merchandise on or after the finale on Oct. 1st



Posted: February-28-2013 7:11 pm
Re:WV State Championship PDGA Point Series
Posts: 626

Back in Full Swing for 2016!


Posted: April-10-2016 6:22 am
Re:WV State Championship PDGA Point Series
discus stu
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Discus Stu has Ouzo for Twouzo!!

Posted: April-11-2016 5:13 pm