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Bag Tag Challenge 2013-2014
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Challenge Rules - 2013 - -> Club Championships 2014

1. When you play a round with any tag holder you AUTOMATICALLY have a challenge with participating players on your card. Only rule is you must have your tag with you.

2. Conduct yourself within the spirit of the competition, this is a fun game.

3. Challenges need to be accepted in order for the series to work for everyone. Lowest Tag Holder chooses the course and tees (short or longs.)

4. Anyone not participating within the spirit of the competition will be reviewed for possible discipline regarding their tag. Report privately to Phil, Josh or email

5. All players will be ranked from 1- last tag sold.

6. All Challenges will be made by challenging up in rank.


8. When you play a round in a club event you automatically have a challenge with the players on your card. Only rule is you MUST HAVE YOUR TAG!

9. You do not have to accept a challenge from the player that you just played until one of the 2 players completes another challenge or 1 week has passed whichever comes first.

10. Please make all efforts to get challenges completed by working out times and courses that are reasonable. This series will help in your development as a player and should bring our disc golf community closer together through friendly competition.

11. If a player refuses a challenge please report the incident right away to Phil, Josh or message If a player refuses a challenge, they may be subject to having their tag revoked or restart at the last # available.

12. Do not challenge a player if you do not have your tag with you. Please bring tag to events!!

14. All challenges should be completed within 5 days.

15. Bag Tag competition ends at the 2014 Club Championship followed by a club sponsored player party.


Posted: June-25-2013 9:17 pm
Re:Bag Tag Challenge 2013-2014
discus stu
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Missing Rule 16: Whoever has the most fun wins!

Discus Stu has Ouzo for Twouzo!!

Posted: June-26-2013 3:24 am