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I will be moving to the area soon. ^_^
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Hello! My name is Ione and I am about to move to Clarksburg from Corpus Christi, Texas and wanted to find out more about the disc golfing going on up there! I play quite often here and have been playing for about 5 years now. 4 in tournaments. Nice to meet you all. ^_^ Ione

Posted: December-31-2013 7:53 am
Re:I will be moving to the area soon. ^_^
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Hey Ione,

    There are many disc golf courses in the area of Northern WV including; Veterans Park (9 hole course in Clarksburg) the Seth Burton Memorial Disc Golf Course and Orange Crush (2 courses in 1 park in Fairmont) and Dorsey's Knob Disc Golf Course in Morgantown. Veterans will be your nearest course but the 2 courses in Fairmont are only 20 minutes north and the course in Morgantown is about 40 minutes north.

 Currently, there are 2 active leagues in Morgantown and Fairmont. Both meet on Sundays at 10am and 1pm respectively. Stay tuned to this website and be sure to check the event calendar for upcoming leagues, events and tournaments.

Hope this helps and see you soon in Mountaineer country ;-)


Posted: December-31-2013 5:09 pm
Re:I will be moving to the area soon. ^_^
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Thank you for the information!! Can't wait but moving there from here is going to be a huge climate change!!! HA HA HA!!!

Posted: January-03-2014 5:18 pm