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Vibram Disc Golf
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Hi Everyone, Steve Dodge here from Vibram DG. I'm starting this thread with three goals and you all may indulge as you see fit.

1. Build interest in and answer questions about Vibram Disc Golf (just to be up front about this!)
2. Be involved in some frank discussions about growing the sport - pro side, grass roots, schools, events - what, how, and why
3. Let people know about upcoming Vibram DG products, events, and promotions.


For example, I would start by saying: Run a Vibram Birdie Bash (VBB)!

The VBB is a fun day of disc golf. For $30, each player gets two Vibram discs, a shirt, towel and coaster mini. There are also tons of card prizes, CTPs, and several awards. We then play two rounds of Birdie Bash where we only count Birdies or better. On a par 3, you get two throws. On a par 4, you get three throws. Birdies are worth two points, Aces/Eagles are worth five points, and hitting metal is worth one point. The VBB is great for both tournament players and beginners as it is competitive but has a low key, fun attitude. Tons of prizes that everyone has a chance to win. Come out and see how fun "organized" disc golf can be.

The VBB is also a great way to be a Tournament Director (TD). If you have TDed an event, you will love how easy we make it. If this is your first time TDing, the VBB’s Tournament-In-A-Box approach will make it very easy.

For more info:

Posted: January-15-2014 10:13 pm