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Wonderland DGC Redesign for tournament, help?
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Hi,  I am looking to get help from WVDGA peeps to get the Wonderland DGC at ACE adventure resort (New River Gorge) ready to host its first tournement later this year.  The Course is a few years old and if you have played there it is pretty good but...  Tee's are too close to other pins in some areas and well, it just needs better flow for a tournement.  My name is Thom and I would love some advice (back up / support) from some TD's soon.  The course gets overgrown quickly and right now I have support to do some good work (moving tee's, baskets, maybe not much change, maybe a lot...). If we are sucessful in getting a decent turn out and posiive feed back I beleive the Wonderland DGC could be a part of the WVDGA series next year (and a PDGA C/B teir in the coming years.)  My email is  Thanks  -Thom

PS, I might be ablt to get a free cabin rental for a few TD's/WVDGA board members in the comming weeks for helping with redesign/tournement ideas.  Maybe...

Posted: March-27-2015 3:43 pm
Re:Wonderland DGC Redesign for tournament, help?
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Did Johnny ever get in touch with you guys about the course design work? He is a great asset to anyone needing this kind of assistance. 


Posted: April-18-2015 11:18 pm
Re:Wonderland DGC Redesign for tournament, help?
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Hi spreadicus, I have finished the course (did not see reply from last month) Yes Johnny did come out and he was very helpful.  He will be stopping by toward the end of the month but I am also looking to see if anyone from your neck of the woods is planning a trip (or would) down here sometime soon.  If so, please contact me and I would love to meet up.  We are looking to get our first C-Tier later this year and maybe become part of the point series in the coming years.  


Thanks for your time.  (Not sure if it is cool to leave phone # or e-mail here?)

Posted: May-13-2015 9:26 pm