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Everyone who helped with the tourney did a great job. Special thanks to Phil and Josh. One hellava job!

Posted: August-06-2005 3:07 am
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People I want to thank for their contributions to the event

kevin hall
tony michalski
tom moeller

for helping out with the last minute find the key basket moving!

bill regan
johnny sias
ken rollins
bryan gawler
jerry gotcher
jim roberts

for coming to our tourney and bringing the spirit of the PDGA with them!

Phil and Rebecca Burton

for the faith in our sport and our players

All the media

hopefully will help get some attention to our great sport!

Johnny Sias

for donating some nice prizes to our tournament and for designing the course too!

Johnny, Ken Rollins, Jim Hicks and his wife, Adele Sias

for their help with the leaderboard!

Shawn Aschliman

for his help with the extra baskets and bag tags!

and finally,

all of our players and anyone else I missed!


Posted: August-07-2005 4:26 am
Re: tourney
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Just a brief note:

I was impressed by the event. Very professional and well ran. The day was filled with a great sence of friendship, fun, and great golf. The WVDGA has set the bar high for others to follow.

I can only hope that MOODGolf can learn from a group that did an EXCEPTIONAL job on WVDGA's first PDGA event.

MOODGolf will also host their first PDGA C Tier event on September 10, 2005. Please visit the site soon for information or email for details.

Thanks again to Phil, Josh, and staff for a great memory!


Ken Rollins

Posted: August-07-2005 8:02 pm
Re: tourney
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Thanks for a great time! I look forward to the next one, that was the 1st tournament I have made it to this year, I forgot how much fun it was! Just a really cool and friendly vibe between everyone.

ps - awesome course!


Posted: August-07-2005 10:27 pm
Re: tourney
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I for one had a blast.

Thanks to everyone for putting this event on.

It was so nice, as i was walking to my starting tee, (5 & 6), to see every Tee with people standing 4 deep, and the line of Golfers still making their way to the start still in front.

WOW, It was Great!!

Cant wait to do it again!

not so aincient caucasion proverb says " Just put the biscuit in the basket"

Posted: August-08-2005 12:14 am
Re: tourney
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Great job guys. You really have a top quality course and you ran a great tournament. When you get those long tees completed..wew.. the long tees to long pins is going to be awesome. Pro par is going to be in the upper 60's. Hopefully we will have some good players come out of that area. With that course we should. Thanks again, Bill

Posted: August-12-2005 11:30 pm
Re: tourney
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Bag tag tourney will end at next summer's WV disc golf classic, so be sure to bring your tags!


Posted: September-17-2005 12:42 am
Re: tourney

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I got a little lucky at the Pour House Open in Upper and managed to nab the #10 from Jestermiester. I suspect he'll be looking for it back come this weekend during the short rounds at Rotary!

Hope to see some of you northerners, this way.

Posted: September-20-2005 11:30 am
Re: tourney
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Ha-ha, yeah Don did and I'm going to want anything less than the tag #10 back!

Posted: September-20-2005 9:13 pm
Re: tourney
We shall see Grasshopper

Posted: September-21-2005 11:04 am