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I wanted to say goodbye to everyone in West Virginia. I am loading up the family and moving back to Colorado on Thursday. I enjoyed all the rounds with everyone here. Disc Golf in WV is getting better each year, and I'll miss being a part of it!  Even though I’ve played a long time, and will continue to play for a long time, I think I’ll always consider the Seth Burton Memorial Course as my home course. The volunteer work that has gone into this course, and now the Orange Crush Course, has been tremendous. The course has a good soul, except for the evil poison ivy, and it’s been great watching the interest grow each year as the course continuously improves. I just wish my game would have, too.

Colorado has some great courses, and I have an open invitation to anyone and everyone I’ve met here to come out and play a few of them. You’ll have a place to stay. Just bring your bag tag.

Shawn Aschliman

Oh - and if anyone is not busy on Wednesday (7th) anytime from 4pm-7pm, feel free to stop by for a few minutes and load a couple boxes in the U-Haul and grab some pizza!  1787 Ryan Road (South on Pleasant Valley Road, right on Kendall, right on Ryan). 

Posted: February-03-2008 6:04 am
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Aw, you'll be missed around here in WV, especially Fairmont.  Now I'll have one less competitor to play with.  Hopefully I'll get to see and play with you again somewhere one day.  Glad I've had the chance to play with you plenty of times thru the past few years.   Hope you have a safe move and trip on your way to Colorado & good luck!  If I'm ever planning on going over to Colorado & play anywhere in the west, I'll definitely try to get in touch with you.

Posted: February-04-2008 7:05 am
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Shawn, you will definitely be missed by everyone here in your home away from home called WV. Keep in touch and let us know how the disc golf scene is in Colorado. I am sure we will see each other again.


Posted: February-04-2008 8:48 pm
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I'll miss yeah man..........Where in CO you going to be?



Posted: February-09-2008 7:43 am
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Thanks guys.  Made it to CO.  I will be North of Denver, towards Ft. Collins (Windsor).  The courses here have as many as 700+ players go through on a single weekend!  Wish I could have stayed for the Ice Bowl.  Have fun!

Posted: February-15-2008 7:01 pm